07 JAN

State ban on arsenic in poultry feed takes effect

Maryland’s ban on the use and sale of poultry feed containing roxarsone or any other additive that contains arsenic went into effect this week.

Last year, Maryland became the first state to pass a bill banning use of the additive.

Poultry producers have used roxarsone, or 3-Nitro as sold by Pfizer subsidiary Alpharma, to protect the health of their flocks since the 1940s. But in June 2011, the company decided to discontinue sales following an FDA study of 100 broilers detected inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen, at higher levels in chickens treated with 3-Nitro compared with untreated chickens.  Read More 

07 JAN

Two CPF leaders step down from the board of directors

Two CPF leaders step down from the board of directors

bobrichardTwo of California poultry’s most dynamic and inspirational leaders recently have withdrawn from the California Poultry Federation (CPF) board of directors after many years of commendable service. Because of their hard work and dedication to CPF and its mission, they have left behind an organization that is successful, engaged and results oriented. Both of these leaders encouraged CPF members to direct their efforts in marketing poultry products that California and U.S. consumers not only wanted, but could be proud of, including the development of animal welfare programs, which is top-of-mind in animal agriculture.

Richard Zacky has left the CPF board after almost 20 years of successful leadership, serving a number of years on the Executive Committee and at least two terms as Chairman. As the Zacky poultry company will soon find new ownership, Richard will maintain ownership of the established feed business. He and his wife, Kathy, have provided leadership for the California Poultry Federation, and established many meaningful relationships among our leaders in Sacramento and Washington, DC. Thanks to their efforts, the California poultry industry is better off today than when they first joined the organization. We congratulate them on their new ventures and the many opportunities that lie ahead. We expect them to be available for consultation as business partners but also as friends of our industry.

Another long time board member and former Chairman of the Board Bob Shipley also left the organization, officially retiring from Squab Producers of California in early January. He leaves behind a legacy of leadership and was, without a doubt, the most active small poultry company leader this organization has ever seen. Whether it was Washington, DC, Sacramento or Atlanta, Shipley was on hand to promote the niche poultry market for his squab company, along with many other CPF chicken, turkey and duck companies that reach a unique market. He fought with USDA over issues that helped small companies, and went to bat for anyone who needed support, whether they were his competitors or not. While Bob wasn’t afraid to take the lead on any effort, he was also okay standing back and helping others move forward. He and wife Kathy will soon be living in the Palm Springs area where they also plan to consult and work with poultry members in the coming years.

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bobpioneeraward BillDCTrip0412

Bob Shipley, second from right Richard Zacky, far left

While we know the much appreciated work and friendship of these two members will be missed, we expect them to be close enough to support California poultry interests when needed. I would never hesitate to bring them out of retirement for a trip to Sacramento or Washington, DC if necessary. They deserve a hearty round of applause!!!

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27 DEC

Maryland judge rules against environmental activists in Waterkeeper trial

The U.S. District Court of Maryland this morning found in favor of Perdue Farms’ grower Hudson Farms in a case filed against them by Waterkeeper Alliance Inc.

National Chicken Council President Mike Brown released the following statement in response to today’s ruling:  "Governor O’Malley said it best – that this unfair attack on a family farm represented an ‘ongoing injustice.’  The National Chicken Council and many other farm, agriculture, meat and poultry groups both inside and outside of Delmarva have stood solidly together in support of the Hudson’s during this case – a case that was based on frivolous assumptions rather than facts from the beginning.

"We feel like this was a lawsuit against all of us, and we are pleased that Judge Nickerson ruled that the Waterkeeper Alliance had not met the standard of preponderance of evidence in its argument.  Read More

27 DEC

Safeway surpasses cage-free egg goals

On Dec. 18, Safeway Inc. said it became the first major grocery retailer in the United States to make a national commitment to Certified Humane cage-free eggs and surpassing its sourcing and sales goals for cage-free eggs in the process.

Safeway launched an initiative with existing suppliers in 2008 to have all Lucerne Cage-Free and O Organics shell eggs sourced from Certified Humane farms. Then in 2010, Safeway set a goal of increasing sales of cage-free eggs from 6 percent to 12 percent of the shell-egg category by 2012. At present, more than 15 percent of overall egg sales in the category are cage-free eggs. The company also added the Open Nature label to the Certified Humane program this year. Safeway plans to continue to expand the campaign as their customers respond to the initiative. Read More 

27 DEC

Home cooking heats up

Cooking at home is becoming more common, according to a new survey. Twenty-six percent of American consumers say they "love" cooking vs. only 9 percent who claim to dislike it, according to new research from Mintel. Thirty-five percent of American consumers claim to like cooking, while 31 percent say they "don’t mind" cooking. Up to 20 percent of US consumers describe their cooking skills level as advanced, while 46 percent feel they have at least an intermediate level.  Read More

27 DEC

NCC provides comments to FDA about animal drug user fee act reauthorization

"The National Chicken Council (NCC) supports a science-based, statistically-validated and technically-sound approach to antibiotic usage and data collection," said NCC Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Ashley Peterson, Ph.D., in remarks delivered today at a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) public meeting about the reauthorization of the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA). Read More 

20 DEC

Share Your Turkey! Photo Contest Winners

Brines, dry rubs, roasting, smoking, grilling and deep-frying… so many ways to prepare your holiday turkey! The California Poultry Federation and its members sponsored a Share Your Turkey! Photo Contest this past Thanksgiving. CPF Facebook friends shared their special whole turkey preparation of a California Grown Thanksgiving turkey. Entrants posted a photo and description of why this was a favorite method of preparation in 2012. Four winners were picked and awarded cash prizes and a fresh California Grown turkey to enjoy during the holidays.

“We are pleased with the different preparations of California grown turkey produced by our CPF member companies. California Grown birds are fresh, natural and taste better than any others,” said Bill Mattos, president of California Poultry Federation.

First place was awarded to Jamie of San Jose. Jamie prepared a traditional roasted turkey and presented it on a bed of leafy lettuces and whole fresh cranberries. Her first place prize was $200 and a Willie Bird Turkey. Second place went to Tiffany of Santa Clarita. Tiffany’s inspiration for her meal was a gluten-free Thanksgiving dinner. She plated the glazed fresh whole turkey breast on a bed of black rice pilaf with assorted vegetables. Tiffany received $150 and a credit for a Mary’s Free Range Turkey.

Alice, third place winner, surrounded her whole roasted turkey with sugared fruits for a festive look. Alice’s award was $100 and a gift certificate for a Foster Farms Turkey. The fourth place winner was a photo of sliced roasted turkey drizzled with an orange sauce and zest. Merry of Newhall won $50 and a gift certificate for a Foster Farms Turkey for her photo entry.

1ST Place – Jamie

2nd Place – Tiffany

3rd Place – Alice

4th Place – Merry



18 DEC

Costa calls on Congress to reform RFS

Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that they refused multiple requests to waive the RFS from governors, 156 Members of Congress and various agriculture groups. Citing that evidence of a "significant economic harm" was insufficient, the administration choose to ignore the calls from producers who are struggling to make ends meet. Read More

18 DEC

United States must comply with WTO ruling on Country-of-Origin Labeling by 2013

The United States must bring its mandatory country-of-origin meat labeling rules into compliance with an earlier World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling by May 23, 2013, according to a WTO decision this week.  WTO ruled on June 29, 2012 that the U.S. country-of-origin labeling program unfairly discriminated against Canada and Mexico because it gave less favorable treatment to beef and pork imported from these countries than to U.S. meat.  That decision gave the United States an unspecified amount of time to comply. Read More