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Northwest Chicken Council Annual Conference Sponsors to date:

Gold Club Sponsor
Aviagen; Boehringer Ingelheim; Cobb-Vantress, Inc.; Darling Ingredients Inc.; United States Cold Storage; Draper Valley Farms; Elanco; Foster Farms; Huvepharma; Marel; Phibro Animal Health; Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care; Sealed Air Corp; Silvercote Insulation; Strand Ag Supply; Veterinary Service, Inc.

Silver Club Sponsor
Alltech; Alpha, Inc.; Big Dutchman; Diamond V; Diversified Ag; Ideal Ag Supply LLC; International Paper; Morris & Associates; Motomco; Novus International, Inc.; Shepard Bros. Inc.; Ziggity Systems, Inc.

13 MAR

Northwest Chicken Council 5th Annual Conference April 11 & 12

Access hotel registration and sponsor forms online
The Northwest Chicken Council‘s 5th Annual Conference and Meeting takes place April 11-12, 2019 at the RiverPlace Hotel in Portland, Oregon. Please make sure to make your hotel accommodations by Monday, March 18th. Also, we are asking all our members to consider a sponsorship to help offset our reception and breakfast. We are keeping our sponsorship’s at modest levels, $300 – Silver Club and $500 – Gold Club, and we are not trying to profit from your contributions, but we want our annual meeting again to provide a great venue for business updates, networking and informative speakers. This is Oregon and Washington’s premier chicken event.
To Sponsor/Register please click the following link:  NWCC Form Sponsorship/Registration.
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How leading poultry producers rank for welfare

The world’s leading poultry producers’ approach to animal welfare has been highlighted in the latest Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), published by Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection.

The independent assessment is based on information that the companies make publicly available, such as formal reports, on their corporate or consumer websites or via materials such as press releases. Companies are grouped by tier, with Tier 1 being the highest, and Tier 6 the lowest.  Read more

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Consumers continue demand for value-added meats

There are many ways in which retailers and their supplier partners can lure consumers by adding value to their meat offerings. Many retailers cut beef, pork and poultry into single-serving portions for convenience. Others add their own seasonings and marinades so consumers don’t have to. Cutting meat and vegetables in-house and sticking a stewer through them – voila, kebabs – is another popular option. Increasingly, grocers are also packaging cuts of meat with cut vegetables and other sides to provide harried consumers with an easy and quick unwrap-and-cook dinner solution. Read more

13 MAR

FSIS issues guidance to industry for responding to customer complaints

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued today a best practices guideline to help the meat and poultry industry respond to customer complaints that are determined to be associated with adulterated or misbranded meat and poultry products.

“FSIS has placed renewed emphasis on industry responding to customer complaints of foreign materials in meat and poultry and, as required, reporting those incidents to the agency within 24 hours once the determination has been made that the product is adulterated,” said FSIS Administrator Carmen Rottenberg. “We will continue to work with industry and offer guidance to assist them in complying with agency regulations.”  Read more

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With ‘ag gag’ law on appeal, Iowa considers new bill to ban deceptive trespass on agricultural facilities

With Iowa’s controversial “ag gag” law on appeal in the courts, lawmakers are considering a narrower bill that would create a special trespassing crime for agricultural facilities. Supporters say the law is necessary to protect farmers from people who intend to hurt their industry while opponents say it harms free speech.

If the bill becomes law, it would be a crime to use deception to gain access to an agricultural production facility that is not open to the public “with the intent to cause physical or economic harm or other injury” to the facility’s operations, animals, personnel, business interests or customers.  Read more

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How UK broiler farms cut antibiotic use

Broiler farmers in the UK reduced their antibiotic use by 82 percent between 2012 and 2017, and the sector now produces half the meat eaten in the UK using less than 9.7 percent of the total antibiotics licensed for food-producing animals. Here, Poultry World looks at how it was done.  Read more

07 MAR

Nielsen says they expect consumers’ focus on fresh food to continue

Consumers’ desire to eat better is having a strong impact across the fresh food sector from produce to prepared foods to meal kits, according to recent Nielsen research.  “In the fresh food space, the four trends offering the most opportunity at a macro level are transparency, convenience, health, and snacking,” Nielsen said.

Demand for transparency, which consumers most strongly associate with sustainability-related claims, according to Nielsen, is becoming not only a “nice-to-have” for products, but simply the cost of doing business.  Read more