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To manage IBDV, ‘let the bird tell you what to do’

Conventional wisdom dictates that infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) field strains should determine the vaccine strategy.

However, a recent study from Brazil indicates the reverse is also true: The vaccine strategy can influence which IBDV field strains appear – and understanding and monitoring these dynamics are critical to the long-term control of the disease.1

The 4-year study, published in The Journal of Applied Poultry Research, looked at bursal tissue samples from IBDV-positive commercial broiler flocks in Brazil that had been immunized using one of three different IBDV vaccine strategies: a turkey-herpesvirus vectored IBD vaccine, an antigen-antibody complex vaccine or a conventional live vaccine. While half the IBDV-positive samples were compatible with vaccine genotypes (classic IBDV), as expected, the other half were classified as variant or very virulent field strains.  Read more

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