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Nutritionists formulate feed each day to ensure a healthy well-balanced diet complete with vitamins and minerals

You are what you eat! At the feed mill, poultry nutritionists continuously formulate and evaluate the feed that is supplied to the birds on our farms. Birds on our farms are not only raised in the finest climate- enhanced housing, but they are also ensured superior nutrition and a balanced diet that far surpasses the diet of wild counterparts outside our farms. Our milling and feeding staff test all incoming commodities such as corn and soybean meal to ensure only high-quality feed ingredients are used when formulating and mixing the feed delivered to our farms. Each truck that transports feed to our farms is carefully cleaned and sanitized prior to feed delivery. After the feed reaches the farm, flock supervisors and mill staff monitor the feed intake of our birds. They also sample feed to be sure our birds are eating well and the feed continues to meet the specifications of the poultry nutritionists.