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State-of-the-art housing and professionally trained staff provide our birds with a superb environment

Not only are our birds provided with an environment where they receive superior nutritional completeness and readily available fresh feed and water, but they are also housed in an environment that promotes sound health and well-being. Our housing provides regulated temperature control capabilities. When outside daytime temperatures rise and become hot, fans and cooling systems are implemented to keep a comfortable and consistent temperature inside the houses. Conversely, when the outside temperature becomes cool, heaters are used to provide warmth and consistency inside the houses. A comfortable environment results during months that would otherwise create a more stressful situation compromising bird health if such environment enhancers were not provided. Stress is further reduced by providing both freedom of movement and proper flooring. Additionally, our birds are kept safe from predators and insects within our poultry houses.

Farm staff continuously monitor and audit the premises for predators, insects, biosecurity and cleanliness. Farm staff, as well, are trained in management practices that promote humane treatment and well-being of the birds grown on our farms. We believe in programs designed and developed utilizing sound, scientific-based animal husbandry practices. These are practices where health and vaccination programs are in place designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat possible sickness. While on the farm, flock supervisors, with the assistance of our poultry veterinarians, continuously monitor bird health, bird environment, and farm staff.