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Farmers caution Senate committee on climate plans

Farmers warned the Senate Agriculture Committee on Thursday that ag climate policy can’t leave out producers who have already adopted conservation practices or producers in regions with limited prospects for earning soil carbon credits. The top Republican on the committee, John Boozman of Arkansas, also made clear that he isn’t […]

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First week management of turkey poults

In commercial turkey production, replicating and improving on what a mother turkey supplies to her young in the wild, including heat, light, food, water, fresh air, security and comfort, is essential. The importance of providing optimal brooding conditions is highlighted by its influence on post-hatch gut development, which if impaired […]

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Thank you Individual Members!

Thank you Individual Members! Today I thank our individuals members for your memberships. We appreciate your support and your prompt payment helps this organization work for all of you on a timely basis. We will continue to reach out for additional interested members, and if any of you have any […]

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Thank you Members:

Thank you Members:   As you know, our membership includes the companies and people who make this organization great. Our processor members pay assessments that help make us successful every year. And our Allied and individual members pay dues that we use for promotion, outreach and legislative activities. Today I […]

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Pitman Family Farms vaccinates more than 500 in Sanger

Pitman Family Farms started vaccinating their employees at their Sanger facility on Friday and finished early this week. More than 500 employees received their first vaccinations, according to Pitman executive, Richie King and David Rubenstein. King said the employees were very grateful that Pitman offered the vaccinations at their facility. Fresno […]

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