July 27, 2020

CPF welcomes new member Absorbent Products Ltd.

Absorbent Products Ltd. has mined Diatomaceous  Earth, Bentonite, and Zeolite in both the US and Canada for over 30 years. As poultry and livestock producers have experienced more and more pressure to reduce the consumption of chemicals and medications, demand has grown for our many Food  Grade inputs to both conventional and organic-appropriate producers, including:

  • Feed Ingredients: Red Lake Earth DE (highly flowable), White Lake Earth DE (brilliant white fine powder)
  • Moisture and Ammonia Control: Activated Barn Fresh litter acidifier, Stall Dry crystals
  • Insect Control: Last Crawl, Diasource, etc. – chemical-free insecticides for darkling beetles and a host of other insect pests
  • Poultry House Enrichment: Fresh Coop Dust Bath, a special granulation of DE that birds love

For more information contact Barry Baker, Director of Sales, at (250) 377-5952 or [email protected]