February 4, 2021

How to prepare your feed strategy for 2021

The ability to adapt at speed has been key to business survival during a year overshadowed by a harrowing pandemic. Supply chains have been interrupted, travel severely restricted and millions of working people required to stay at home. The closure of food service outlets has dramatically altered the purchasing behaviour of consumers.

Although the animal feed industry has proven to be comparatively resilient through the COVID-19 crisis, few have escaped the impact on feed prices and earning potential. Reduced meat sales in hotels and restaurants, for example, have a direct knock-on effect on the farming business. Add to that pre-existing issues, such as African swine fever and the growing pressure to reduce antibiotics and zinc oxide in feed, and you have a complicated cocktail of challenges.

To build opportunities in volatile times, there’s nothing to beat looking ahead and being well prepared. Here at Hamlet Protein, we’ve flagged three factors that anyone with a stake in the feed industry should have on their radar in 2021. Read more