May 27, 2021

‘I feel relieved.’ Foster Farms vaccinates 1,000 workers at Livingston chicken plant

About 1,000 workers received COVID-19 vaccines Tuesday at the Foster Farms chicken plant in Livingston, the heart of the poultry

giant’s business. “I feel relieved; I feel more comfortable,” said line supervisor Hilda Paz after getting her Pfizer shot around noon. “I hope this is a step going forward (and) everything goes back to normal.” Foster Farms invited the media to the clinic to showcase its part in protecting the food industry workers at the core of the San Joaquin Valley economy. It employs about 12,500 people processing turkey in Turlock and chicken in Livingston, Fresno, Porterville, Oregon, Washington and Louisiana. The vaccinations started early last month with about 1,000 chicken workers in Fresno, who already have returned for their second dose. About 600 turkey employees in Turlock have had one dose. Read more