May 27, 2021

Ingredient selection for broiler feed

Broiler feed accounts for approximately 70% of broiler production, and ingredients are the major contributor. Ingredients play important roles in pellet quality and broiler performance. In general, ingredient selection often uses commercial parameters including price and supply. However, quality parameters are also important. This article aims to provide the general aspects of ingredient selection for commercial broiler feed.

Nutrition aspects

Nutrient values are important for nutritionists in terms of ingredient selection. Typically, the focus is on incoming ingredients composition in terms of factors including moisture, crude protein, fat, fiber, and ash. However, we cannot consider only amounts when selecting ingredients. Instead, nutrient bioavailability including metabolizable energy, digestible amino acids, fatty acids, available phosphorus, and other nutrient values should be considered. Many references can be used as the guideline values (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique [INRA], Brazilian Tables for Poultry and Swine). Read more