May 27, 2021

Iran culls over a million layers to contain AI

The Iranian veterinary authorities have culled 1.4 million birds after the outbreak of bird flu H5N8 on 50 farms across the country, the Iran Veterinary Organization said in a statement at the end of February. The veterinary officials promised that there would be no further interventions as the virus’s spread appeared to be under control. Similar statements were made last month. The Homeland Poultry Farmers Union told local news outlet Tejarat News that avian influenza (AI) caused disruptions in the supply of eggs to some stores. Especially in the South Khorasan province, where the virus hit hard, a sharp rise in egg prices was seen, followed by increased smuggling, the source said. Speaking during a press conference in Teheran, Ali Safar Maknali, head of the Iran Veterinary Organization, dismissed reports regarding a possible shortage of eggs on the domestic market. Read more