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Creamino®: a new evolution in feed additives
The health and profitable growth of animals are close to the heart of our company.  Our product Creamino® is a premier example of how the optimal application and targeting of nutrients at the cellular level promotes animal welfare and animal health.
Creamino®•supplies a unique and defined source of Creatine supporting many important body functions and delivering energy for healthy growth.  Creamino® is a free-flowing, virtually dust-free granule that easily stands up to pelleting and extrusion.
Creamino® Is a patent protected preparation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA). GAA Is the direct endogenous precursor of Creatine in all vertebrates. The body produces GAA from the ammo acids glycine and arginine, and Creatine from GAA and methionine.  Endogenous synthesis alone Is not sufficient to optimize Creatine levels for the demands of modern animal production.  Creamino® delivers the only approved feed additive with Creatine activity.  Creatine is an essential biomolecule for energy transfer and supply Creatine supports healthy growth, immune function and reproduction.  Creatine directly replenishes cellular ATP levels, ensuring a sufficient supply of energy whenever and wherever It Is needed In the body.
Based In Trostberg, Germany, AlzChem is a globally active specialty chemicals company and a market leader In its fields.  AlzChem’s businesses support three very different global megatrends:  Sustainability: Population growth; and Healthy aging.  AlzChem products offer a broad range of effective solutions including areas of human and animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, fine chemicals, and metallurgy as well as in renewable energies