Packaging Specialties, Inc.

Member Contact: Shayne Anderson
1663 S Armstrong Ave., Fayetteville, AR 72701
Phone: (916) 513-0709
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Packaging Specialties, our printing division, was founded by Hays Biggs in 1974 with an initial focus on the U.S. Poultry tray pack market. We pioneered the use of printed PVC stretch films for poultry products and carried this packaging technology to the produce and red meat industries as well as others. Our printing capabilities transitioned from simple line art graphics to high end process art on a variety of films ranging from polyolefin films, polyethylene films, foils and barrier films to ridged PVC films and other structured materials. We opened our second printing plant in Gainesville, Georgia in 1981 to provide better service to customers on the eastern seaboard. Our third printing plant, located in the South Central Idaho city of Burley, brings additional printing capacity and improved customer service to our west coast customers. With three strategically located printing facilities, we provide printed films to customers in over 20 different food and non-food industries with graphic composition from one-color continuous printing to 10-color process printing.

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