February 4, 2021

Trump signs coronavirus relief, federal funding package

After days of uncertainty over whether he would issue a veto, President Donald Trump on Sunday evening signed a year-end spending bill with $900 billion in COVID-19 relief, including a third round of coronavirus relief payments

In addition to the coronavirus aid, the 5,593-page bill funds the federal government for fiscal 2021 and includes extensions of tax incentives for biofuels and renewable biofuels, new benefits for rural health providers, and a two-year water resources authorization bill that could accelerate reconstruction of waterway projects.  The House and Senate easily passed the bill last Monday night, but Trump later issued a series of tweets putting the future of the legislation in doubt. Trump has said that he wanted “less wasteful spending” and “$2,000 per adult and $600 per child” in stimulus payments. The bill provides payments of $600 per person. Read more