December 16, 2020

Weekly poultry outlook: bird flu continues to rage through Europe and US rethinks its China strategy

Discovery of an H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) on another German farm will see the country slaughter up to 70,000 birds as a response, said USDA in a report. On 6 November 2020, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA) reporting the first finding of the HPAI virus in a deceased peregrine falcon. … In a World Trade Organization meeting on 5 and 6 November, Canada (backed by Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Britain and the US) said China’s testing of imported foods and rejections of products that had positive nucleic acid tests are “unjustified trade restrictions,” adding that China has not provided scientific justification for the measures. Another 16,100 turkeys were culled in the state earlier this week and Denmark ordered the cull of 25,000 chickens after a find on a farm there. Other detections have been found in France, the Netherlands and Britain. This will continue to build trade disruptions for poultry exports in these countries to destinations outside the European Union (EU). Read more