24 OCT

Food Day

The Center for Food Integrity works toward building trust and confidence in today’s food system. As consumers become more interested in how their food is grown, processed and brought to market, the food system must ensure it is doing the right things in a way that builds trust. The Center for Food Integrity is dedicated to building that consumer trust and confidence — bringing together stakeholders at every level of the food chain to reach consumers in meaningful ways with a unified voice and address the issues most critical to consumers.

Today, October 24, The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has launched a campaign called “Food Day.” According to CSPI, Food Day is a nationwide campaign to change the way Americans eat and think about food. It encourages people to support healthy, affordable food grown in a sustainable, humane way. The primary goal of Food Day is to gather signatures to send to Congress to support CSPI’s agenda.

While CFI shares, in theory, a few of CSPI’s stated goals, such as expanding access to food and alleviating hunger, the organization’s anti-agriculture agenda will likely disparage many of the current efforts of the food system. It is important that all farmers and those involved in the food system make their voices heard. Let the public know that on Food Day – and every day – we need to celebrate food choice! Supporting a diverse food supply, raised using a variety of farming methods, is vital to ensuring that we all have access to affordable food.

Click here to see a video just released by CFI titled What is the Ethical Choice? And click here for more audio and video files.

Food Day 2011 Messaging

17 OCT

Rising corn prices hit Valley poultry producers

Soaring feed costs are forcing Valley poultry producers to cut costs, raise prices — and, in some cases, close their doors.

Feed prices have climbed as much as 50% since last year, fueled by the ongoing demand for corn — a major ingredient in livestock feed.

Farmers say the competition from ethanol makers pushed the price for corn to a record $7.99 a bushel in June. Since then, corn prices have slipped, reaching $6.30 a bushel last week on the heels of the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast that calls for a 1% drop in production.

Still, egg farmer Mike Corcoran took slight comfort in the news. Read more

14 OCT

Denham votes to pass trade agreements to increase economic growth and increase jobs

Representative Jeff Denham voted today in support of the long-delayed Columbia, Panama, and Korea Free Trade Agreements (FTA). These no-cost job-creating pacts will make it easier for American manufactures to sell their products abroad, in turn creating jobs California desperately needs. Exports from these agreements will directly support 440,705 jobs in California alone.

"Republicans have been advocating for these commonsense no-cost job-creation policies for years. These trade agreements are welcome legislation in the Valley where they will create thousands of jobs and promote local economic growth." – Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-19)

In March, Rep. Denham signed a letter with fellow freshmen members urging the President to move forward with these trade agreements to increase economic growth and create jobs in the United States. Read More

12 OCT

AFIA supports renewable fuel standard legislation

The American Feed Industry Association strongly supports H.R. 3097, the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) Flexibility Act, legislation introduced by Representatives Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Jim Costa (D-Calif.), to give the Department of Energy and the Department of Agriculture the needed authority to adjust the congressionally mandated Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) for corn-based ethanol when national corn stocks fall below specified levels.AFIA believes national food security is equally as important as energy security, and federal actions in both areas must be cooperative and realistic, a philosophy reflected in AFIA’s testimony before a House Agriculture Committee hearing on feed availability held last month. Read More

12 OCT

Jim Costa: Trade agreements would aid economic recovery

Our economic recovery and long-term economic growth depends on a number of factors that includes better access to growing foreign markets, particularly in Asia and Latin America. We allow foreign goods to come into the United States with few barriers, but our products face prohibitive tariffs and other barriers to trade around the world. The current situation is neither free nor fair trade

Congress will soon have the opportunity to vote on pending trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia that will allow American companies to better compete globally. I support the agreements because they will increase opportunities for farmers and other industries right here in the San Joaquin Valley, helping to drive job creation. Read More

12 OCT

Ethanol subsidies are raising cost of feed and killing jobs in the valley

Washington D.C. – Representative Jeff Denham today issued the following statement in response to a Central Valley business, Fulton Valley Farms, announcing that it will close its doors due to the high price of feed. The high cost of feed is a direct result of the ethanol mandates and subsidies, and has forced many job creators in California to shut down.

“Fulton Valley Farms will be forced to close its doors as a result of the high price of feed for its chickens and 185 Californians will lose their jobs as a result. The use of corn grown for ethanol to meet a government mandated ethanol requirement has increased cost, and as a result, consumers are paying higher prices for food at the grocery store and family farms are being forced to shut down.” said Congressman Jeff Denham. Read More

10 OCT

Denham: Ethanol policy closed Turlock farm

— Rep. Jeff Denham is citing the state’s policies in the closure of Fulton Valley Farms of Turlock, set to happen by mid-January because of rising feed costs.

The high cost of feed is a direct result of ethanol mandates and subsidies, said Denham, R-Atwater, and has forced many job creators in California to shut down. Fulton Valley Farms employs 185 people. Read Full Story

27 SEP

USDA Bird Health Awareness Week

Bird lovers, poultry owners, students, and teachers from across the country are invited to observe a week-long salute to bird health from October 30 – November 5. Click here for flyer. From coast to coast, all week long USDA wants to let everyone know that raising poultry is fun and keeping your birds safe and healthy is important. Bird Health Awareness Week is part of the USDA’s Biosecurity For Birds campaign to promote awareness about the diseases that threaten bird health and the ways to prevent the spread of infectious poultry diseases. Read More