September 26, 2014

2014 CPF Annual Conference award winners

Each year at the Annual Conference banquet, the California Poultry Federation presents three awards–the Golden Rooster Award presented to industry’s most outstanding member, the Pioneer Award and the Allied Member of the Year Award. Here are the deserving recipients:

The Golden Rooster Award is the California poultry industry’s highest honor. It is meant for an individual–one who has made major contributions to the industry and is an inspiration for all to admire. This year, the CPF Awards Committee unanimously voted to award this coveted distinction to Karen Ross, Secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Secretary Ross was appointed Secretary of CDFA on January 12, 2011 by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. Secretary Ross has deep leadership experience in agricultural issues nationally, internationally, and here in California. During her tenure at the CDFA, Secretary Ross has worked with the poultry industry to understand the importance of the state laboratory system and the challenges in maintaining adequate resources to keep its stability and its effectiveness in identifying serious diseases that could potentially devastate an industry. Secretary Ross also stepped up to assist industry with the salmonella outbreak in California and was instrumental in working with the California Department of Public Health to build relationships with industry. Not only did she use her statewide blog to promote safe handling of chicken, but she also taped a Public Service Announcement that was sent to media outlets in the West. Her visibility and respect throughout California helped industry promote the value of California fresh poultry. The CPF Awards Committee presented Ross with a commemorative plaque and a resolution from her district Assembly member.

Golden Rooster Award: (from left) Mike Leventini, Petaluma Poultry Processors, CPF Board Chairman, Karen Ross, Secretary of CDFA and Bill Mattos,
President California Poultry Federation

The Pioneer Award honors a man, woman and/or family in “recognition of their outstanding contributions and dedication to California’s dynamic poultry industry.” This year, CPF honored Jim and Linda Haley, and their family, of Haley Farms, Inc. in Modesto, CA. Poultry was a lifelong career for Jim Haley and his wife Linda and his family have helped him grow the business into one of California’s most unique and respected small operations in the Golden State. Haley Farms, Inc. has found a niche market in supplying poultry to live bird markets up and down the state. They also have been instrumental and supportive of the CPF for many years as a board member and contributor to meetings and events.

 Pioneer Award: (from left) Mike Leventini, Petaluma Poultry Processors, CPF Board Chairman, Linda Haley, Kim Haley Hernandez and Jim Haley, all of Haley Farms, Inc., and Bill Mattos, President, California Poultry Federation

The Allied Member of the Year award is meant for a person for their exceptional service and outstanding contributions to the poultry industry. Allied members help sustain the industry by contributing at board meetings and poultry events; their contributions go directly to the promotion and improvement of the poultry industry in the Golden State. This year’s honorees were Darling Ingredients, Inc. and its CPF members Don DeSmet and Jim Roth. Both Don DeSmet and Jim Roth have been dedicated to working with the CPF board and the industry over the years, and their company has served many poultry companies and others in both regular business times and during a crisis.

Allied Award: (from left) Jim Roth, Darling Ingredients, Inc., Mike Leventini, Petaluma Poultry Processors, CPF Board Chairman, Don DeSmet, Darling Ingredients, Inc.

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