July 23, 2013

Alliance releases report on 2013 Animal Rights National Conference

Conference Speakers Focus on Undercover Videos, Meatless Mondays and College Activism

The Animal Agriculture Alliance today released a report that chronicles observations from the 32nd annual 2013 Animal Rights National Conference presented by The Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM). The conference, held on June 27-30th in Alexandria, VA, was themed “Get Informed. Get Inspired. Get Active.” About 1,500 people, many from foreign countries including; Brazil, Canada, India and Europe, attended the four-day conference, which was co-sponsored by fifteen different organizations and chaired by Alex Hershaft of FARM. The Conference, which began with a candle lighting ceremony meant to commemorate animals being harmed and the activists who were not in attendance, focused heavily on farm animals and the campaigns designed and employed by activists to reduce meat consumption nationwide. Read More

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