April 18, 2019

Amid new cases, California’s leading poultry experts conduct high priority workshop to address virulent Newcastle Disease and prevent further spread

Foster Farms and California Poultry Authorities Share Tips to Safeguard Birds at Home and On the Farm
Monday, April 15, top poultry experts

Foster Farms veterinarian Dr. Bob O’Connor addresses attendees

from the state of California (CDFA), academia (UC Davis) and private industry (Foster Farms) – along with nearly 100 urban farmers and backyard poultry owners – gathered in Dublin, California, to discuss ways to prevent further spread of the highly contagious Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND). Although only a single case was recently diagnosed in Northern California’s Alameda County and is no threat to human health, more than 1.1 million birds have been lost to VND in Southern California since May 2018, with additional cases confirmed just this past week. The poultry experts are urging preventative action to limit any further spread of this deadly avian disease. Spread of VND to California’s Central Valley could be catastrophic to local economies, farming communities and backyard poultry enthusiasts.

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