November 4, 2011

Avicorvi announces new “Phenomenon” Turkey Nipple Drinker

Avicorvi S.A.S. is announcing the revolutionary and long waited "Phenomenon" Turkey Nipple Drinker, a single watering system solution for the turkey industry, from start to finish.  Designed and developed exclusively for poults and turkeys, it has been successfully proven from day one poults to adult turkeys over 18 weeks of age. Based on the same patented and exclusive non-pin based technology used in the Avicorvi Nipple for Chickens, this new nipple drinker has a wide nozzle to help the adult turkeys to precisely activate the nipple’s internal valve and effectively direct the water into the beak, without leaking or spillage, providing much more abundant and cleaner water than any other similar product, with great poults and turkeys performances. Starting at 40mils/minute at about 5" (12.7cm) of water column height, it can be setup to deliver over 220mils/minute. This new product can be installed using our Avicorvi Nipple Installation System, which surpasses and replaces the common uses of aluminum rails, galvanized or metal pipes, significantly reducing installation and maintenance costs; or following other installation methods. For details or to request information and an optional product sample (U.S. and Canada territories only), please contact Jaime Orozco, Avicorvi North America, cell (805) 300-5227, email [email protected]; or using the traditional and effective US Postal Service, PO Box 0272, Folsom, CA 95763-0272. Outside North America region, contact our headquarters sales department in Colombia (South America) at [email protected], fax +(57.6) 326-0406. Visit our products’ web page at for details.

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