August 11, 2014

California business community overwhelmingly supports delay of hidden gas tax

Fed Up at the Pump coalition spokesperson Matt Notley issued the following statement in response to the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy’s (CBAGE) July 7 news release.  “The California Business Alliance for a Green Economy says it is alarmed by a proposal to delay a hidden gas tax known as the Fuels Under the Cap regulation. This shouldn’t surprise anyone – the money generated by this portion of AB 32’s cap-and-trade system will be lining the pockets of CBAGE’s members. Most receive government funding and/or regulatory support, and the billions that consumers will be paying in taxes will most certainly make its way to them through green-initiative, government-funded programs. It is disingenuous for CBAGE to say its members are an accurate representation of California’s business community as they make up such a small segment of our state’s economy,” Notley said. Read More

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