March 9, 2020

California State Veterinarian update for fairs and shows with poultry

This advisory is in response to numerous questions about the current risk of spreading virulent Newcastle disease via poultry at fairs and shows.We have delayed posting this advisory in an effort to improve our understanding of the recent flareup of disease in the Southern California regional quarantine area, and the risk it may pose to fairs and shows throughout the State.While we have detected virus this winter in San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties, the cases appear to be related and reflect flock to flock spread, not extensive underlying disease.We will only know this for sure once more testing is completed throughout the region over the upcoming months, but we are cautiously optimistic.Considering how highly contagious this virus is, even if we find a few more cases, our substantial progress can be credited to the cooperation of bird owners. When birds are not moved, it prevents virus amplification and gives the virus an opportunity to die naturally in the environment.  Read more

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