January 7, 2013

Canada: Salmonella in 13% of feed despite zero tolerance

A CBC News team carried out an investigation into salmonella in animal feed and found that 2 out of 12 bags of animal feed were contaminated despite Canada’s zero tolerance policy. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said they take any detection very seriously, but confirmed that it finds salmonella in 13% of the feed it routinely tests. They purchased 12 bags for animal feed from retailers around Winnipeg which were then tested. 

Rick Holley, a food science professor at the University of Manitoba said, "We can’t possibly hope to reduce the frequency to which these animals that we use as food shed salmonella with the hope that [our food] will not be contaminated unless we stop feeding [salmonella] to our animals." He said that animals contaminated with salmonella produce contaminated manure, which farmers then spread on fields as fertilizer and that there is a link between salmonella contamination in animal feed and contamination in meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Read More 

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