April 28, 2017

Celebrate Petaluma’s ag roots

It’s the time of year when downtown Petaluma host its biggest annual event, a salute to the city’s agrarian roots and the farmers who have long been the backbone of the community. The Butter and Egg Days festivities, beginning Saturday morning, will certainly feature plenty of references to the cows and chickens that established Petaluma as a food production center. There will be cow chip tossing, a cutest chick contest and plenty of dairy and poultry-themed floats in the parade.

It was the egg industry that first put Petaluma on the map, earning the city the title “Egg Basket of the World.” Petaluma Boulevard was once lined with egg hatcheries, and while their distinctive brick facades are now home to martial arts studios, chiropractic offices and auto body shops, egg ranchers continue that legacy, producing more than 1 million eggs per year.  Read more

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