April 18, 2017

Cooper Farms builds station to prevent diseases

A new building at the intersection of West Caroline Street and Walnut Street in Paulding on the property of the Cooper Grain and Feed Mill is a truck disinfectant station to help prevent the spread of diseases to and from the Cooper Farms facility.

“All of this is because of bio security, which is disease prevention,” said Cassie Jo Arend, Cooper Farms corporate communications manager. “We try to make sure that all of our animals stay as healthy as they can stay,” she added. “It’s part of why we have them in barns because external factors are the biggest issues when it comes to our animals being unhealthy.” Bio security is one of the things at the top of the list for the employees of Cooper Farms. One of the biggest diseases that they worry about is avian influenza, along with many other diseases. Read more¬†

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