May 7, 2012

CPF member Nilsen Farms featured on USFRA Food Dialogues website

Nilsen Farms in Wilton, California and a member of the California Poultry Federation, is one of the featured videos on the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance (USFRA), The Food Dialogues website. USFRA surveyed farmers and ranchers and asked them to share what they wish Americans knew about how food is brought to their tables. The Nilsen Farms video shows how turkeys are raised at their ranch, and how Nilsen Farms uses its natural resources to create create sustainable energy and eliminate waste.

USFRA is partnering with Discovery Communications to continue to help Americans learn more about how food is grown and raised. The videos feature real farmers and ranchers answering real consumers’ questions about the agricultural community’s commitment to continuous improvement and the role farmers and ranchers play in providing healthy choices for people everywhere. USFRA is a coalition of farmers, ranchers and their industry partners, who are committed to continuously improve how they grow and raise food that provides healthy choices for people everywhere.



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