June 1, 2015

CPF member Save-the-Date

CPF and Pacific Egg and Poultry Association (PEPA) are planning a joint seminar two days in August (August 25th in Ontario, California and August 27th in Modesto, California). CDFA, USDA, CAHFS, CPF, and PEPA/CEQAP all will participate. The meetings’ focus is biosecurity and planning for infectious disease outbreaks, especially important now during this years’ avian influenza outbreaks around the country.  This is a chance to hear how poultry producers can prepare now for fall wild bird migration to mitigate outbreaks. We want to include any interested producer and not limit the seminar only to CPF and PEPA members. (for CPF member companies, this seminar is in place of the October Quality Assurance Seminar. Please make sure to look for more information by email and mail in the next month. Call or email Monica with any questions. (209) 576-6355 or [email protected].

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