March 9, 2020

CPF welcomes new member Dantech Freezing Systems

For more than 30 years, The Dantech Freezing Systems Team has developed, manufactured and delivered high-quality solutions for the Food Processing Industry. We have over the past 30 years been involved in more than 2,500 installations of systems worldwide. Our Experience stretches from all applications from: Freezing, Chilling, Cooling, Tempering, Cooking, Proofing and De-frosting systems. We have the required experience in all the fields. Flawless products with perfectly matched system components. The customers of Dantech Freezing Systems benefit from the value of a superior, competitive edge, by using our products.

Our motto is simple  “Deliver the Best Value for Money! We have at all times the lowest energy consumption per Kilo product produced. With our competitive design we can run our freezing units up to 1 week without the known hazzle of defrosting. This Results in great saving such as reduced manhours, less power consumption, Less water usage, less chemical use and by far the highest possible active production hours.

Currently Dantech has offices all around the world in Denmark, Singapore, Polland, Germany, China, India and now in Peachtree City, Georgia 3o min South of Atlanta Airport where we are already building up a strong team of local sales and Service support.

Jon Haraldsson is the VP of sales for Dantech Foods Systems USA and can be contacted at 6783162305 or at [email protected] 

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