August 20, 2015

CPF welcomes new members


Multifan is part of Vostermans Companies, a manufacturer of fans for the agricultural market. They carry a complete line of ventilation equipment and controls for poultry buildings. For more information, please contact Chris Bickett, General Manager, at 309-827-9798 or [email protected].

Selective Technologies Inc.

Selective Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Madera, California.  We concentrate on high quality energy, water and waste management projects for our communities, especially with agriculture and dairy farms. Committed to be a leader in sustainable solutions, our actions are supported by research, innovation, advanced technology and a desire to meet the changing needs of agriculture for the 21st century. We provide water treatment without chemicals. For more information, please contact Otto Coelho at 559-645-1457 or [email protected]

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