October 14, 2011

Denham votes to pass trade agreements to increase economic growth and increase jobs

Representative Jeff Denham voted today in support of the long-delayed Columbia, Panama, and Korea Free Trade Agreements (FTA). These no-cost job-creating pacts will make it easier for American manufactures to sell their products abroad, in turn creating jobs California desperately needs. Exports from these agreements will directly support 440,705 jobs in California alone.

"Republicans have been advocating for these commonsense no-cost job-creation policies for years. These trade agreements are welcome legislation in the Valley where they will create thousands of jobs and promote local economic growth." – Congressman Jeff Denham (CA-19)

In March, Rep. Denham signed a letter with fellow freshmen members urging the President to move forward with these trade agreements to increase economic growth and create jobs in the United States. Read More

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