September 3, 2015

Devenish Nutrition LLC and Nest Egg Nutrition LLC merge

Devenish Nutrition, LLC is very pleased to announce the merger of Nest Egg Nutrition LLC, with Devenish Nutrition, LLC effective September 1, 2015. Nest Egg Nutrition, LLC is operated by Dr. John Kuhl. Dr. Kuhl has worked in the field of layer nutrition for any years. This merger is a way to offer additional resources, services and value from Dr. Kuhl and the Devenish Team by working together.
Maury Ore, U.S. Poultry Director – “last year Devenish Nutrition merged with Paul Twinning & Associates and expanded our services and products into the broiler and turkey markets. The addition of Dr. Kuhl’s business will help Devenish grow in the layer market and Dr. Kuhl will be able to greater service his customer’s needs”.  Read More

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