May 2, 2013

Family farmers need Congress to pass ‘Egg Bill’ to survive

Egg farmers say they need Congress to include the Egg Products Inspection Act ("Egg Bill"), introduced recently in Congress, as part of this year’s Farm Bill or many of them may soon be forced out of business. "Most egg farms are family-owned, independent businesses which provide an essential low-cost source of protein to 300 million consumers every day," said Chad Gregory, president of United Egg Producers which represents farmers producing 90 per cent of the eggs in the US. "We desperately need a federal statute that establishes one national standard of egg production because the current myriad state legislation threatens to eliminate interstate egg commerce, destroying our businesses and potentially leading to egg shortages and consumer price spikes in many states," he added. "This would create a major hardship for millions of low- and middle-income consumers."  Read More

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