September 11, 2018

Farm Bill negotiations in focus

The Farm Bill conference committee met last week to continue negotiations between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The importance of funding the Animal Pest, Disease and Disaster Prevention and Response Program (APAD), NTF’s top priority in the bill, was mentioned at the very start of the meeting by House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway. Negotiations remain in the works, and NTF continues to engage with members of the conference committee and congressional delegations from turkey producing states to garner additional support for APAD.

VIDEO: Tune in to the 34:45 mark to hear Chairman Conaway talk about why including a well-funded animal disease preparedness and response program in the final bill is so important.

NTF Members Taking Action: Iowa Turkey Federation’s Russ Yoder in The Gazette: Farm bill must help protect livestock and farm families

Here’s How You Can Help: NTF would like to place more op-eds in newspapers around the country. If you would like to publish a piece or if you can help us identify a grower to sign an op-ed, please contact Beth Breeding. We are happy to help with text, talking points and placement to continue to amplify grassroots voices.

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