October 17, 2013

Foster Farms makes food-safety improvements

Foster Farms has ramped up food-safety interventions at three of its California processing plants, according to the company. “Last Thursday, the USDA approved our plans to add new processes and technology to our three California plants. These updates are in addition to new food-safety improvements implemented as early as March of this year and in September. Our commitment to food safety is continuous.

“This past weekend, Foster Farms installed six new processes throughout our California facilities known to effectively lower the incidence of Salmonella. We are breaking the chain of Salmonella at every stage of production – from the ranch where the birds live, to the plant where the chicken is processed, to the product packaging line. We are implementing these processes in all of our facilities, including our plant in Farmerville, La. With these measures in place, we are confident that Foster Farms will come out stronger and with the safest, cleanest and most vigilant poultry plants in the country. We are holding ourselves to a higher standard.” Read More

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