August 10, 2018

FSIS Notice: Disposition instructions for “woody breast” and “white striping” poultry conditions

This notice reissues instructions previously issued in FSIS Notice 35-17, Disposition Instructions for “Woody Breast” and “White Striping” Poultry Conditions, to continue to provide disposition information for conditions occurring in the breast muscles of broiler chickens referred to as “Woody Breast or “White Striping.” Upon issuance of this notice, Public Health Veterinarians (PHVs), Inspectors-in-Charge (IICs), Front Line Supervisors (FLSs), and Supervisory Consumer Safety Inspectors (SCSIs) as appropriate are to correlate with inspection program personnel (IPP) on how to identify and verify that poultry establishments are removing trimmable inflammatory tissues that may be associated with these conditions. Read more

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