October 8, 2013

Government shutdown could stall White House review of RFS for 2014

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated it would address the ethanol blend wall in its 2014 renewable fuel standards, however,  the government shutdown could delay that rule and increase uncertainty. The EPA has perennially missed the November 30 statutory deadline to issue the renewable fuel standard volume requirements for the subsequent year, but a delay this year could be particularly troublesome because the agency has indicated it may modify the volumes set out in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. The EPA sent its proposed renewable fuel standard for 2014 to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review on August 30.  The Energy Independence and Security Act requires that 18.15 billion gallons of renewable fuels be blended into the fuel supply in 2014, up from the 16.55 billion gallons required in 2013.  Read More

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