January 7, 2013

Higher corn prices hit stores, chicken farms

On November 11, the Desert Condor steamed into the port of Brunswick and unloaded 40,000 tons of Brazilian corn – the first time corn has ever been imported into Georgia.

The ship’s arrival, followed a month later by the Genco Predator, underscores how last summer’s severe Midwestern drought sent prices skyrocketing and hurt industries – North Georgia poultry, in particular – that use corn as a raw material. Chicken growers, producers, retailers and consumers suffered the higher prices.

"Pain is the right word," said Tom Hensley, president of Fieldale Farms in Baldwin 75 miles north of Atlanta. Fieldale spent an extra $50 million on chicken feed last year. "We now have more days between flocks which means, over the course of a year, we make less money. And the price of beef and chicken is at an all-time high." Read More 

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