May 22, 2018

In an ironic twist, GOP farm bill proposal attacks states’ rights

Thought the House Agriculture Committee’s proposed 2018 farm bill couldn’t get any friendlier to Big Ag? Think again. House Republicans have approved new language that, if passed, could nullify thousands of state laws that promote public health, keep food and water safe, and protect animals.

Named for its Republican author, Iowa Representative Steve King, the King Amendment  (officially known as the “Protect Interstate Commerce Act”) would strip state and local governments of the ability to pass and enforce laws regulating the production or manufacture of agricultural products that cross state lines. “Agricultural products” is an extremely broad term that includes horticultural, viticultural, and dairy products; livestock and poultry; bees; fish; forest products; and pets. Under the King Amendment, no state would be able to pass food and agriculture laws that establish standards that are stricter than any other state’s or more stringent than federal rules.  Read more

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