June 18, 2019

Integrated plan with live production needed to meet new Salmonella standards

Poultry companies struggling to meet higher USDA standards for Salmonella need to increase control efforts in live production to help avoid dreaded Category 3 designations as well as potential regulatory action that could shake customer confidence. “Processing can’t do it all,” insisted Douglas L. Fulnechek, DVM, who spent 28 years with USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) before joining the animal-health company Zoetis in 2016 as senior public health veterinarian.

“For poultry companies to meet today’s rigorous USDA/FSIS standards, there needs to be a comprehensive, integrated plan involving live production and processing to minimize the presence of Salmonella throughout the entire operation. Everyone needs to be part of the solution,” he said.  Read more

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