February 27, 2015

Kate Brown, new Oregon governor, names Brian Shipley as her chief-of-staff

Oregon’s new governor, Kate Brown, has named Brian Shipley as her chief-of-staff. Previously, Shipley was the Associate Vice President of Government Relations with Oregon Health & Science University. He also served as Brown’s Deputy Secretary of State from Dec. 2012 to Sept. 2013.  Shipley also worked with Oregon’s outgoing governor John Kitzhaber for seven months in 2011 as a legislative director. Brian graduated in 1993 from Beyer High School, Modesto, California; Willamette University, Oregon in 1997; and Georgetown Law in 2001. Shipley met with California Poultry Federation (CPF) and Northwest Chicken Council (NWCC) President Bill Mattos to discuss the formation of the relatively new NWCC organization before it opened its doors more than a year ago. Brian is familiar with the California poultry industry as his father, Bob Shipley, is the former president of Squab Producers of California and spent many years on the CPF Board of Directors.

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