April 4, 2016

Legislature approves minimum wage increase, sending historic measure to Gov. Jerry Brown

In a move that puts the state at the forefront of efforts to raise wages for low-income workers across the country, state lawmakers approved a sweeping plan Thursday to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next six years, boosting the future paychecks of millions of workers in California.

The Senate voted 26-12 – with loud cheers of “Si se puede” from the gallery above – to give final approval and send the measure to Gov. Jerry Brown‘s desk less than one week after the legislative compromise was reached on the matter. Brown will sign the wage hike into law in Los Angeles on Monday.

“At its core, this proposal is about fairness,” Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León said just before the vote. “This is historic, and today I am proud to be a Californian.”  Read More

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