May 5, 2017

Livestock coalition details disease prevention plan at Farm Bill field hearing

Today, NTF along with members of the Animal Ag Coalition (AAC) unveiled one of our top priorities for the 2018 Farm Bill; the creation of an Animal Pest and Disease Disaster Prevention and Response Program. The program is designed to limit the impacts of foreign diseases on U.S. livestock and poultry producers both before and during an outbreak and provide rapid response and robust laboratory capacity. NTF’s legislative team led the development of the program and the letter. NTF was joined by U.S Poultry and Egg Association, the United Egg Producers and 64 additional organizations in support of the program. The letter was sent to the House and Senate Ag Committees Leadership in advance of Saturday’s Senate Farm Bill field hearing where Andy Snider of the Michigan Turkey Producers will be testifying on behalf of NTF. Read more

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