October 18, 2016

Mike Leventini awarded the Golden Rooster Award at the 2016 CPF Annual Conference and Meeting

From left: Christie and Mike Leventini, David Pitman, Pitman Family Farms and current CPF Chairman
Mike Leventini, past CPF board chairman, was awarded the Golden Rooster Award at the September annual conference. The California Poultry Federation’s “Golden Rooster Award” is the organization’s highest honor presented each year. As the California leader of Petaluma Poultry Processors and Perdue/Coleman Natural nationally, Mike has been a dedicated and enthusiastic supporter of this industry, its members and this Federation. He has traveled countless times to Sacramento and Washington DC promoting California issues as well as state and national legislation and has seen firsthand the importance of participating at the state and national levels. Leventini was honored for his service, not only as chairman and member of the Executive Committee, but for his leadership with legislative and regulatory groups in California.

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