May 30, 2013

Movement attempts shutdown of Monsanto office in Davis

As early as 6 a.m. on May 24, around 100 protesters had already gathered at the Davis office of Monsanto Company at 1910 Fifth St. – known to most as just Monsanto – to express their discontent with the actions and legacy of the multinational agribusiness corporation.  "We’re just trying to spread awareness about their history and eventually bring them down," said Kim Sloan, lead activist with the Anti-Monsanto Project (AMP) who was present at the protest.  The protest was initiated by the Anti-Monsanto Project, a movement composed of over 30 Northern California groups and organizations, as part of the worldwide March Against Monsanto movement. The movement aims to "bring awareness to health, agricultural, environmental and political issues associated with Monsanto," according to the demand letter issued by the AMP.  Read More

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