January 29, 2013

NCC announces animal care review panel for broilers

The National Chicken Council, partnering with the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, has initiated a process through The Center for Food Integrity that will provide a balanced analysis of potential undercover video investigations. The Animal Care Review Panel engages recognized animal welfare professionals to examine video and provide expert perspectives for food retailers, the chicken industry and the media.

Hidden camera investigations have heightened public attention on animal care issues. The Animal Care Review Panel provides a mechanism the chicken industry can rely on to objectively evaluate video investigations. It will test the veracity of the investigations and show the public that the chicken industry is committed to continuous improvement, including determining appropriate corrective action when necessary. It will also provide retailers accurate, independent and balanced information to support informed decisions.

Each panel will include a veterinarian, an ethicist and an animal scientist to assure animal care, veterinary medicine and ethics are considered in the evaluation. A pool of experts has been recruited so the process can move quickly when a video investigation goes public. Read More


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