November 15, 2016

Next administration at USDA will face budget, staff and farm bill challenges

The U.S. Department of Agriculture under the new administration will need to gear up unusually quickly and face budget, staffing, technology, and farm bill challenges, according to a report from Agri-Pulse. The first challenge for President-Elect Donald Trump and USDA Secretary of Agriculture will be to fill top slots at USDA quickly as Congress plans to start working very soon on a new farm bill even as the new administration is working to staff up.  House and Senate Agriculture committees plan to begin work early next year on a new farm bill to replace the 2014 law that expires in 2018.  And, without presidential appointments filled, it will be difficult for the administration to have a large policy voice on the farm bill. Congress will move forward on the legislation whether USDA is staffed up or not because they have deadlines to meet. Read More

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