May 29, 2014

No silver bullet for removing pathogens in poultry

“There is no silver bullet for removing pathogens from the safest food supply on the planet,” said Dr. Dan Zelenka, director of statistics, Tyson Foods, Inc., at USPOULTRY’s 2014 Poultry Processor Workshop held at the Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Ga. During his presentation on Raw Parts Intervention for Reducing Contamination, Dr. Zelenka noted that the industry has much experience in producing safe and wholesome products, and interventions are an important part of the system that produces these products. He reviewed various types of interventions and stressed that USDA will continue pressuring the poultry industry to lower pathogen contamination rates, remarking that “it is the industry’s responsibility to do this in the most cost effective manner possible.” Read More

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