July 3, 2018

NPIP Biennial Conference held last week in Franklin TN

The NPIP Biennial Conference was held June 26-June 28 in Franklin TN. Over 300 people attended, setting a record for the event. Each state brings delegates who discuss and edit proposed changes to the Plan, and vote on a final version the last day of the Conference.  California’s delegates included:

Dr. Charles Corsiglia, Foster Farms; Dr. Gregg Cutler, Cutler Associates International; Mike Silva, JS West; Brian Lee, Maple Leaf Farms West; and John Metzer, Metzer Farms. Bill Mattos, CPF President, and Monica Della Maggiore, NPIP Administrator, also attended.

From left: Bill Mattos, John Metzer, Brian Lee, Monica Della Maggiore, Mike Silva, Dr. Gregg Cutler, Dr. Charles Corsiglia

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