December 21, 2017

Our top moments of 2017 and a look ahead: HSUS

More than 700 million chickens will have a more comfortable life thanks to our work with Perdue. The country’s fourth-largest poultry producer announced a series of reforms in June, including adding natural light to chicken houses, increasing space, providing enrichments like hay bales and perches and switching to a more humane slaughter method. They’ll also start using healthier breeds instead of quick-growing birds who spend their days in pain. We’ve improved the lives of the 9 billion chickens raised and killed for meat in the United States each year by persuading major food companies to give birds more space, add environmental enrichments, use healthier breeds and switch to less cruel slaughter methods.
In 2018, we want to give egg-laying chickens, calves raised for veal and mother pigs better lives by passing a ballot measure in California that eliminates the caged confinement of these animals when raised in the state or used for products sold in the state.

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