March 27, 2018

Poultry industry hails passage of CERCLA reporting exemptions in omnibus

For 15 years, USPOULTRY, NCC, NTF and UEP have worked on gaining an exemption from CERCLA and EPCRA reporting requirements related to the emission of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from poultry farms resulting from the decomposition of manure. While we gained an administrative exemption from EPA in 2008, a federal court struck down that exemption last April. USPOULTRY and NPPC initiated an appeal of the ruling and subsequently filed amicus briefs in support of EPA to keep the exemption in place. These efforts were successful in delaying the reporting deadline until a legislative solution could be developed. Thankfully, that solution was signed into law today by President Trump, legally codifying this exemption. Click the joint press release link below from USPOULTRY, NCC, NTF and UEP to read the cooperative approach we have taken over the last 15 years to address this critical issue.  Read more

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